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Soccer Players and ParentsJoin thousands of soccer players throughout the U.S. who utilize to improve their game. Membership is FREE. Once a member, you can:

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Training available from our elite soccer trainers that include:

Erik Rugar Connecticut Read More »

Camps and clinics promoted by soccer organizations such as:

Total Football Academy Severn , Maryland
Soccer Training Tip The 4-3-3 System The 4-3-3 system allows players to be spread out across the field in balanced fashion... Read More »

CHEERS for Our Trainer Network

I wanted to say thank you. STA [network Soccer Trainer Brian Kuk] has been nothing but an unbelievable role model for me and I only hope that you understand how completely grateful I am for everything that [the STA network] has done for me. You have taught me everything I know about soccer. Thank you [to Brian Kuk] for sticking with our team and bringing us so far along. That just shows true dedication. I donít think I could say thank you enough!" E. M., Soccer Player , Granby, Connecticut